2.1 The Context

St. Joseph’s College is an Autonomous college which strives to help and support deserving students to excel in their academic studies and future career. It accommodates students from rich, middle and poor economic background. Financially some students find it difficult to make both ends meet. The college encourages the students to cultivate work culture and ethics. In this context, the management decided to provide opportunities for students to earn while learning, an initiative which is student centric. The management then implemented the provision for the students to do Part Time Job and be rewarded with financial incentives.


2.2 The Objectives

1) To blend together academic excellence and work ethics

2) To avoid being dependent on parents.

3) To provide opportunity to appreciate dignity of labour.

4) To learn to do professional job.

5) To develop knowledge, skill and ability of work management.

6) To support economically weak students.

7) To promote gender equity in providing opportunities.

8) To learn to do multi-tasking jobs


2.3 The Practice

The management members made it their responsibility to combine work and education as part of the initiative and offer financial assistance to the students through Part Time Job. Among many students, some students are extremely industrious and skillful in life. To harness their skills the college offers Part Time Job opportunity under the nomenclature, “Earn While Learning.” Many students voluntarily applied to avail the opportunity of “Earn While Learning”. The students do Part Time Job in the library, painting of the buildings, renovation of playgrounds, and other minor jobs in the college campus. This practice engages students to use their free time and leisure time productively. The students are paid (cash) in proportion to the works they have done.


2.4 The Achievements of “Earn While Learning”

(1) “Earn While Learning” instils in the students the benefit of work culture.

(2) They do Part Time Job with dignity, feel happy that they can be industrious, and productive.

(3) They invest human resources and contribute their share in administration. With “Earn While Learning” they are not dependent on their parents for financial support. In the last year alone, about 70 students benefitted from the scheme.

(5) They are able to meet their academic and other financial requirements.

(6) It has helped the students to appreciate work culture and be responsible students.

(7) They learned skilled and professional job.

(8) The management appreciates students who learn to stand on their own feet.