Academic Council

Dr. Fr. George Keduolhou Angami

The Principal (Chairman) / Chief Controller of Exams

Three nominees of the university not less than Professors.

  • Prof. S.K. Sharma
  • Prof. Buno Zetsuvi
  • Prof. B.V. Rao

Not less than four experts / academicians from outside the college representing such areas as Industry, Commerce, Law, Education, Medicine, Engineering, Science etc., to be nominated by the Governing Body.

(Ref. to the Governing Body meeting 25 Nov. 2017)

  • Adv. Kezhokhoto Savi
  • Arch. Richard Belho
  • Rev. Fr. Binoy Joseph
  • Dr. Sedevi
  • Dr. Nobert Noraho
  • Dr. Easterine Kire

Four teachers of the college representing different categories of teaching staff by rotation on the basis of seniority of service in the college.

  • Capt. Regina Razousinuo
  • Mrs. Loreni Yanthan
  • Ms. Josephine Jasietsono Kuotsu
  • Mr. K. Zubemo Humtsoe

A faculty member nominated by the Principal (Member Secretary) :

Dr. Dominic Meyieho

Controller of Exams

Dr. Nobert Noraho

Deputy Controller of Exams

Vice Principals

  • Dr. Sr. Ranit SABS
  • Rev. Fr. Obed Yimchunger

Head of the Departments (HoDs)

  • Mrs. Loreni Yathan, Dept. of Economi
  • Ms. Tiamongla, Dept. of Education
  • Mr. James H.K, Dept. of English
  • Ms. Nzano Kikon, Dept. of History
  • Dr. Mhonthung Yanthan, Dept. of Political Sc.
  • Dr. Medonuo PienyĆ¼, Dept. of Sociology
  • Mr. K. Zubemo Humtsoe, Dept. of BBA
  • Mr. Maotangit Longkumer, Dept. of Commerce
  • Ms. Neithongunuo Angela Belho, Dept. of Botany
  • Ms. Rukutalu, Dept. of Zoology
  • Mr. Madovi David, Dept. of Chemistry
  • Ms. Thejano, Dept. of Physics
  • Mr. Toshiwapang Lemtur, Dept. of Mathematics