St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Jakhama is a college which aims not only at the academic excellence of students but keenly takes care of the physical and mental health of the students. The College provides a well equipped dispensary located within the College Campus. The dispensary was inaugurated in the year 2009. Well trained and experienced nurses are employed at the dispensary.

The facilities available at the dispensary provide first aid and immediate necessary medical care and assistance to all the students, teachers and employees within the vicinity of the College.

Medical Equipments and Facilities Available at the Dispensary

Wheelchair Wheelchair Stretcher
Sl-3C series Oxygen Concentrator BP Apparatus
Stethoscope Thump Forceps
Artery Forceps Pick-up Forceps
Speculum Vaginal Devices
Thermometer Electric air pot
Weighing Machine Dressing Drum
Sterilizer First Aid Box
Room Heater Medical Steel Trays
Diagnostic apparatus Pulse Oximeter
No Touch Infrared Thermometer Toilet with running water
Single bedded room for boys and girls Medicines for immediate minor treatment
  • Dispensary 1
    Dispensary 1
  • Dispensary 2
    Dispensary 2